Right up here we have the previous presentation of the logo for Protein OCN. We must remember that in principle we were looking for uniformity and similarity with the previous logo; We needed to awaken in established clients the memory and similarity with the previous image, so we kept the: blue, white and the layout and justification of the title in the center. On this, we arranged the new symbol, which gave much more play to the brand's new commitment to a new, fresh and responsive corporate identity.
In these first 3 images we have the same symbol, but with a different font, since one of the points to modify was the text font. We were looking for something more masculine and sporty, so we opted for UNIWARS, PIRUREN and a thicker handmade version of UNIWARS.

In the following examples we will see these 3 different fonts but with different symbols, which was something that the Company demanded to see:
For the first two examples we have a variant of the original logo but making the shape of the waves more evident. In the third example we have played with the letter "O" making it look like it is inside the ocean. Here we use some very trendy shapes.
In the first example we have an example of waves arranged in the form of a grid, which gives us a lot of play when using patterns. The following example is 3 very thin lines with a flag effect, it is the most obvious and generic of all the examples, it does not stand out too much and was discarded in the first project. And the last example we have another letter "O" with slanted shapes that give a sensation of movement, at the same time they can be the basis of a good repetition pattern.
The last three symbol examples continue to represent waves, some in a more obvious way and others in an abstract way.
Finally, with a totally different style from everything previously presented, we present the logo in Lototype format. The text font itself, highly personalized and modified, takes the reins of prominence and we do not need any type of symbol, because the logo itself is a hallmark in itself.
This is a riskier bet but more current, aggressive and sporty than the previous logos in Imagotype format (Symbol + Text).
Finally we have merged the initial symbol with the new idea of the custom text font to return to an Isotype, this time without a slanted text but a straight one to be in line with the symbol, which already provides movement.
U L T I M A T E   P R O P O S A L
I am aware that an excess of proposals is not healthy, but sometimes inspiration occurs, and you have to give it space to let it be. The last proposal is a Logo idea where, in apparently 3 glyphs, we combine all the letters of O+C+E+A+N making the E appear inside the C with only the inclusion of a horizontal haspa, the same one that makes appear to the letter "A" inside the final "N." It is undoubtedly an option that the company should consider, being without a doubt one of my recommendations, since this logo concentrates in itself strength, sportsmanship, topicality and masculinity.
O  C + E  A + N

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