The logo combines a defined serif font with gradient colors to convey a fun yet professional image. The color palette, featuring soft and warm tones, evokes a sense of warmth and care, while the serif typography adds a touch of elegance and seriousness. This combination reflects a commitment to health and wellness, showing that quality service is taken seriously while maintaining a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
The label design features minimalist iconography, with clean lines and simple shapes that convey essential information at a glance. Each icon is carefully crafted to represent key aspects related to health and wellness, such as a stylized heart for cardiovascular health, a leaf for natural ingredients, and a person in a yoga pose for holistic well-being. These icons not only enhance the visual appeal of the labels but also provide instant recognition and understanding of the product's focus on promoting health and vitality.
The design employs gradient colors to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience. Soft, transitioning hues blend seamlessly together, evoking a sense of depth and movement. A warm gradient, ranging from gentle pastels to rich tones, infuses the design with vibrancy and vitality. This gradient effect adds depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic, enhancing the appeal of the logo, iconography, and labels. The gradual shift in color tones not only captures attention but also conveys a sense of progression and evolution, reflecting the journey towards improved health and well-being.
Powerful appetite suppressant and natural detoxifier. Keto Apple Cider Vinegar contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will give you a healthier lifestyle. Supports the body's natural cleansing process, stimulating the colon and intestine to eliminate undigested waste, reduce bloating and increase your metabolism.
'CHEW ON THIS™' | Blackburn South Africa

Graphic Designer | Javier Toscano
Modeleling and Render 3D | Javier Toscano
Edit | Javier Toscano

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